Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movie screening of Invisible Children’s “Tony” a success

By: Alexandra Klauder

KENNESAW Ga.- More than 150 students packed into a crowded auditorium Monday Nov. 14 to watch Invisible Children Inc.’s newest documentary “Tony”, and raise money for a worthy cause.

            The screening hosted by the Kennesaw State University chapter of Invisible Children (ICKSU), featured a presentation of the film, a former child soldier guest speaker, and a raffle.

            Students received a rare glimpse into the life of a young boy growing up in war-torn Uganda under the threat of Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

            “The movie is about a boy who’s witnessed LRA violence firsthand and the atrocities that have occurred to his family and his village,” said ICKSU historian Alysha Smith.  “So this a firsthand account of his experience and how Invisible Children has helped Tony, and the area recover.”

            After the film a former child soldier named Francis spoke about what is was like to grow up in Uganda, spending her whole life in a war.  She was able to escape at a young age, and attended college in the U.S..

            “ICKSU has actually met several people who were personally affected by this war. We've had Norman, Comfort, Irene, Monica, Francis, and Agnes all travel from Uganda to Kennesaw State to share their personal, heartbreaking stories,” said president of ICKSU Allyson Tibbitts.  “Every story was different, and each one carried so much meaning for us. These are my friends who we are helping, and they have personally thanked us for our work.”

            The positive reactions of questions after the screening and donations made to the organization have paved the way for events like this to occur more often in the future.

            Events like the screening of “Tony” which raised more than $200 in one night for the cause, help raise money and awareness on campus.  Many students have never heard of the war going on in Uganda, and these events spark an interest, and for some a passion to help.



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