Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Biz Beat Four competing for every job opening

Businesses and governments say they posted 3.35 million job openings in September, a 7 percent increase over August, according to the Labor Department.
Tell that to someone who’s been out of a job for a year or two and has stood patiently in line after line at job fairs, and the reaction might be, “Oh yea, where are they?”
Competition remains stiff and,as previously reported, part of the disconnect lies in the types of openings (many are in technology) and the lack of qualified applicants.
According to the Associated Press's report on the openings, “nearly 14 million people were out of work in September, which means an average 4.2 unemployed workers were competing for each opening.”
The good news is that the numbers could signal a hiring upswing in the months ahead since companies typically take up to three months to fill a position, according to the AP report.
Are you confident one of those millions of jobs has your name on it?

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